Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The ChAnGinG ConStAnT

They say "Change is the only constant",but i never knew people chose to abide by it so strongly.Things change or rather should change but not so drastically i believe. Especially "The Human Race".That people can change so much(i DO NOT mean physically or in appearance)and in such a short span has left me more shocked than upset.Even more amusing is the fact is that they never acknowledge the change in them!!!

Changes should be welcomed only when they are conducive to you maybe even in minuscule amounts , strengthens your bonds and helps you progress.Not when it tarnishes your relationships and everything you ever were.Personal behaviors and relationships should always be reticent to changes for in this tumultuous changing little world of ours it is the only thing we can cling onto.
For me my relationships and behaviors remain unfazed by the changes around me.However it is this very changing behavior of others that i felt compelled to pour out my latent feelings through words.But it was this very aspect that made me realize that " People Who Were Meant To Be Will Always Be There, Those Who Weren't Will Definitely Fade Away...................."

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